Old Roman Catholic Church Latin Rite

Archdiocese of North and South America

Liturgy, Sacraments, Beliefs as they existed before Vatican II

 This will introduce you to the unique Sacrifice of Our Lord on Calvary and the Supreme Gift which He left to His Church. We will attempt to explain to you who have never experienced the Traditional Latin Mass canonized by Pope St. Pius V. It is this Mass which was left to us by the Apostles, almost  entirely as we have it today! This is the Mass which produced and nourished  all the great Saints of the Western Church, the Roman Church!
This is the Mass which your ancestors attended and believed and loved and many times defended with their lives!
You will also have an opportunity to link onto our entire documentation about the Mass and our Church!


Welcome Friends!

We wish to welcome everyone to this Introduction of  The Old Roman Catholic Church-Latin Rite of North & South America! Whether you are a Catholic or not, whether you are a Christian or not, hopefully this Introduction will allow you to view the past and present history of the Holy Roman Catholic Church that has existed since it's foundation by Our Lord Jesus Christ, and is presently to be found in The Old Roman Catholic Church as is practiced in this Archdiocese!

Soon you will discover that ancient faith handed down by the Holy Apostles, to their successors, the Bishops and to the Pope, who  is also one of the Bishops!

We will Introduce you to our previous history, showing you our Apostolic Succession, our seven valid Sacraments, and the authority derived from the First Seven Councils of the Roman Catholic Church.
We will also Introduce you to our present history, which will show you how we are governed and what our relationship is with the Bishop of Rome, the Pope.

Then, we will show you how we put into practice that ancient Faith, through the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass (Eucharist), our devotion to the saints, especially Our Blessed Mother, and especially under two of her many titles, "The Immaculate Conception", and "Our Lady of the Assumption".
You will discover that we pray the Rosary, and use the other devotions and sacramentals of the Roman Catholic Church!

When you have finished this journey with us, we would welcome you to join us and become part of the Family of God, under the authority of the Archdiocese of North & South America.

For you who are visiting from the Novus Ordo Church, who only know the Mass of Vatican II, and might think of us as schismatics, we'd like to remind you, that we believe now what you once believed; we worship now as you once worshipped. If we are wrong now, you were wrong then!