Old Roman Catholic Church Latin Rite

Coat of Arms of Archbishop and Primate Most Rev. Boniface Grosvold, D.D.


The Old Roman Catholic Church, Latin Rite Archdiocese of Canada and the United States
Vieja Iglesia Catolica Romana Rito Latina Archdiocesis de Canada y de Suramerica.
A warm welcome from the Archbishop and Primate Most Rev. Boniface Grosvold D.D.

"We are like unto the Rock from which we are hewn."

One of the thoughts which constantly crosses my mind when thinking of the History of the Old Roman Catholic Church, is that penned by another writer which I have just quoted above; and indeed those who are truly Old Roman Catholics, tracing our History right back to the late 1600's and to 1711 and 1745, at which time the movement of the Ancient Catholic Archdiocese of Utrecht (Ultrajectensis) came into being as an autonomous jurisdiction of Roman Catholicism.

At about the time of the first Vatican Council, another group of German and Swiss Catholics, led by the scholarly Father Johann Joseph Ignaz Von Dollinger, a German Theologian, led this group of disgruntled Catholics, due to the pronouncments of Vatican Council I, to the Archbishop of Utrecht (Ultrajectensis), where they received Consecration; and thus began the decline of the Ancient Archdiocese of Utrecht. Some years later on the Dutch, German and Swiss Old Catholics formed an intercommunion with the Protestant Church of England and her Sister Churches, including the Polish National Catholic Church.

In April 1908, Father Arnold Harris Mathew of Blessed memory, an English Priest of the Roman Catholic Church, was Consecrated as the first Old Roman Catholic Bishop for Great Britain, at Saint Gertrude's Old Roman Catholic Cathedral, at the ancient See City of Utrecht (Ultrajectensis), the Netherlands, by the Most Reverend Gerardus Gul, Archbishop of Utrecht, accompanied by several other Bishops of the Old Catholic Churches of Germany and Switzerland, thus establishing the Old Roman Catholic Church in England, the centenary of which will be commemorated in 2008.

It was on December 29th., 1910, Feast of Saint Thomas A Becket, Martyr to the cause of the Catholic Church in 1170, that Archbishop Arnold H. Mathew of Blessed memory, submitted a document, which is contained on this site, withdrawing from that Utrecht Union of Churches, the final act being the decision by the Utrecht Union of Churches, amongst other protestant innovations, to cease in the commemoration of the Pope from the appropriate position in the Canon of the Mass.

The Old Roman Catholic Church, Latin Rite, together with a few other true and dilligent Old Roman Catholic jurisdicitons, and here I mention the Archdiocese of Caer Glow, presided over by His Eminence Archbishop John Humphreys D.D., have maintained the fulness of the Doctrines, Dogmas, and teachings, as well as the Mass as set for by Pope Saint Pius V, 1570, in his Papal Bull, "Quo Primum", to the Roman Catholic Church forever.

As Primate of the Old Roman Catholic Church, Latin Rite, I welcome you to enter this site, so dilligently prepared, that it may assist you to learn more about God, the Catholic Faith, and the History of the Old Roman Catholic Church. We are thankful to Our Blessed Lord and to His Blessed Mother  for this website , and  I heartily endorse this site and I welcome you to come and browse and share the Catholic Faith, given to the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church, as founded by her divine founder, Our Lord God and Saviour Jesus Christ, and conveyed to us by the Blessed Apostles, of whom we are true successors to this very day, Bishops and Priests of the Catholic Church.

Archbishop Boniface Grosvold, D.D.                                                                 

Primate Old Roman Catholic Church, Latin Rite

from our London residence, Ascensiontide, 2006